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Accidents and Claims

Do I get a courtesy car if I have an accident?

To have access to a courtesy car, you must make a claim through your own policy and have comprehensive cover. You would then receive a courtesy car providing you use the insurers’ approved repairer, subject to availability and only for the duration of the repairs. If your vehicle were written off a courtesy car would not be provided in the above circumstances.

If you have an accident that is not your fault you could be provided with a hire car by your legal cover, irrespective of the cover on your policy.

Do I have to use my Insurer's body shop for repairs?

No, you may provide an estimate from a garage of your own choice for approval by your Insurer. You do, however, forfeit the benefit of a courtesy car should the approved repairer not be used.

How do I make a claim?

Should you need to report a new claim please contact our claims hotline on 01344 286181. The line is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

How much cover does Legal Expenses Cover provide?

In respect of each qualifying accident the sum of £100,000.

I've just been in an accident. How will the Insurer arrange the payment for repairs to my car?

Your Insurer will arrange payment direct with an approved repairer or garage of your own choice. Costs are agreed before work is authorised and you would be expected to pay your policy excess directly to the garage once repairs are complete.

If I claim for a windscreen will this affect my no claims bonus?

No, windscreen claims will not affect your no claims bonus. However not all policies cover you for windscreen repair. You can check whether you are covered by referring to your policy booklet and schedule of insurance.

If I have an accident and I do not wish to make a claim, do I still have to notify my insurer?

Yes, it is always advisable to tell your insurer of any incident the insured vehicle is involved in, so that your file is always fully updated, even if no claim is to be made. If in doubt – report it.

What is an excess?

An excess is the amount payable by you in the event of a claim against your policy for your own damage/loss. Details of specific excesses relating to your policy can be found on your policy schedule.

What should I do if I've just had a car accident?

Exchange full details with any other party involved, ensuring you note their registration number, then contact us immediately on 01344 286181.

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Do I get a refund if I've had a claim?

If a claim is either pending (or has been settled against you) in the current period of Insurance, the Insurers will not allow a refund. For clients paying by instalments, this means that the instalments must continue to be paid until the premium is paid in full.

Do I need to cancel my direct debit agreement if my policy is cancelled?

No, we will cancel your direct debit for you when the policy is cancelled, and calculate if you have under or overpaid.

How can I cancel my policy?

To cancel, you can write to us stating the reason and date, and making sure that you return your current certificate of Insurance or cover note. The adviser will inform you of any refund, or any additional payment, due following the cancellation.

Why do I owe money even though my policy is cancelled?

If you chose to pay by instalments, it may be that the charges made by your Insurer and us are greater than the amount you have paid so far. Insurers sometimes charge on a short-period basis, meaning that the charge is not directly proportionate to the amount of time covered on the policy.

Will I get a refund if my policy is cancelled?

Insurers all have different cancellation charges and not all policies will allow a refund. Insurers’ standard cancellation charges can be found in our Terms & Conditions at or call our customer service line for further information.

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How to fill in our paperwork

Can someone else sign my paperwork for me?

The paperwork MUST be signed by the policyholder

No Claims Bonus

You can only use your no claims bonus on one policy at a time. If you want to apply your no claims discount to your new policy, your previous policy must either be cancelled, or the no claims bonus removed.

Once you have either cancelled your policy, or removed the no claims bonus, you should receive proof from your insurance provider. You can simply forward this to us, or complete the form that we send to you. We will then try to obtain evidence of your no claims bonus over the telephone from your insurance provider.

If you have any further queries about your no claims bonus our Customer Service Team will be pleased to offer you advice.

Proof of Company Car No Claims Bonus

You may have had a company car for the last few years and this is your first policy 'on your own'. If this is the case, your no claims bonus would have been earned on the company car. We may be able to allow a discount on our policies for this, but would just need to see proof from your company. This generally is provided in the form of a letter from the Insurers of the vehicle, or a letter from your Company stating the dates that you had the vehicle from and to, and that you had no claims during that time period.

Proposal Form

Your proposal form should show all of the information that was provided to us over the phone. It will resemble an application form. It should be checked thoroughly, and you should amend any errors. If there are any blank boxes, these should be completed. If you are unsure of any areas on the form or wish to expand on a piece of information, you can attach an explanation to the form on a standard piece of paper.??Please ensure you have signed the form where required as the forms often require more than one signature. When we receive the form, we will let you know if any amendments affect your policy.

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No Claim Bonus

Can I use motorcycle NCB on a private car policy?

Not normally - advise us of this as an introductory discount may be available.

Can I use my commercial vehicle NCB on a private car policy?

Not all insurers will allow this. Advise us at the time of quotation that you have commercial vehicle NCB so we can try to accommodate this.

Does my no claims bonus expire after a certain period of time?

Most Insurers will accept no claims bonus which has expired up to two years before you use it again. We may be able to use no claims bonus which is over two years old, however you MUST advise us of this at the time of the quotation.

I have been a named driver on someone else's policy for a few years, does that mean that I am entitled to a no claims discount?

In order to gain no claims bonus entitlement the insurance policy needs to be in your name. However providing you have been claim free as the named driver, we can normally offer an introductory discount.

I'm getting a second car, can I use my no claims bonus twice?

You can only use your no claims bonus on one policy at a time. We do, however, offer policies that allow a discount if you have no claims bonus on another policy. This is called an "Introductory Discount" and is usually only given if you are claim free.

If my No Claims Discount has been earned in another country, is it still acceptable?

Most insurers will accept No Claims Discount from an EU country. You should ensure that you tell us when you request your quote if your No Claims Discount was earned in an EU or another country, so that we can place your policy with an appropriate Insurer.

What does NCD stand for?

This stands for 'No Claims Discount'. You earn a year's NCD for every full year of a policy in which no claims are made either by you or a third party. Some policies, such as classic car policies, are not based on NCD and so at the end of such a policy you would not have gained any NCD. Only the main policyholder earns NCD. NCD is also sometimes referred to as NCB - No Claims Bonus.

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Can I pay off my premium in full instead of by direct debit?

This is possible, and the interest remaining on your direct debit agreement should be reduced. Contact our Customer Service Team to find out the outstanding balance and make an arrangement to pay.

I need extra time to make a payment, is this possible?

It may be, depending on the circumstances. We would advise that you contact our Customer Services Team as soon as possible so that your policy does not get cancelled.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major Credit/Debit cards, postal orders and cheques. We also accept cash payments in person however we do not recommend sending this in the post.

Who do I make cheques payable to?

Cheques should be made payable to First Insurance Services Ltd

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Can I add another vehicle to my policy?

This may be possible, depending on the policy you have and the vehicle you wish to add. We can only add an additional vehicle for a period of seven days. The Insurer will generally charge an additional fee for covering the extra vehicle.

Do I need a green card to travel abroad?

A green card is no longer issued by Insurance Companies for when taking your vehicle abroad. All details regarding European cover are now incorporated into the Insurance Certificate.

Does my policy cover me to drive abroad?

The majority of Insurers allow a designated period of cover free of charge within EU countries on a pleasure use basis only. You should contact us before you depart to ensure that the countries you are travelling to are acceptable, you are within the amount of days allocated by your Insurer and whether there is a charge for the cover.

I need to take my vehicle out of the country?

Call our customer service team on 01344 286199 as most insurers need to be advised of this. Charges may apply.

If I have comprehensive cover, does this mean I have the benefit of driving other cars?

No, this is not an automatic inclusion in comprehensive policies. You can check your certificate of Insurance to see if you have this entitlement. If you are in doubt, we would advise that you contact our Customer Service Team.

Can I add the benefit of driving other vehicles third party?

Once the insurance is in force you cannot add this benefit to your policy. However if you display an interest in this at your renewal date we can try to include this in your quote.

Does the policy entitle me to drive anybody else's car?

Most policyholders over the age of 25 are given this cover. If this benefit is added it will show on your certificate of insurance. This cover is Third Party Only and is restricted to vehicles not owned and registered to you.

I am a named driver on the policy; does the benefit of driving other cars apply to me?

No this benefit only applies to the policyholder, provided that this is stated on the insurance certificate.

I am a named driver on the policy; does the benefit of driving other cars apply to me?

No this benefit only applies to the policyholder, provided that this is stated on the insurance certificate.

Will you contact me when my renewal is due?

Our Renewals Team will contact you by post or by email two weeks before your renewal is due. We offer an automatic renewal on most of our policies, whether you are paying by a credit/debit card, or by direct debit. Your renewal letter will clearly state if your policy is to be automatically renewed.

For any queries on your renewal, please contact our Renewals Team on 01344 286190. It is in our interest to retain your business; we may also be able to secure loyalty discounts for existing clients.

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