How do I get my driving licence check code?

You’ll need to have your driving licence, National Insurance number and postcode to hand. You can access the website by clicking here now and following the instructions.

What is no claims bonus and can I use it on more than one car?

NCB is No Claim Bonus, also referred to as No Claim Discount. You earn NCB by completing a 12 month policy, in your name, without having, or being involved in, any incidents that your insurance company have to pay out for. You can earn multiple NCB’s if you have more than one insurance policy in your name. However you can only use one NCB on one policy at a time.

How do I get my no claims bonus from you?

You can request a copy of your NCB by phone on 01344 286 199 or by email. You can also submit a request via our online portal.

How do I make a change to my policy and how much will it cost?

Call our customer service team on 01344 286 199 and they will be able to process any changes for you. Any changes we make for you can alter the way an insurance company calculates your premium. Some changes will increase the premium and some will reduce the premium. The charge or refund is calculated on the number of days left on the policy. Please bear in mind that, as your broker, we do make a charge for administering your policy and we may also keep our commission on any refunds. You can view our charges in our terms and conditions which can be accessed here.

I had some points over four years ago and they’re no longer on my licence. Do I have to disclose them?

If they were within the last five years of your policy start date then the answer is yes, even if they are not on your licence anymore. This is because the legal duty of disclosure for motoring convictions is up to five years.

How do I get my insurance certificate?

You can find your insurance certificate and associated documents in our online portal. Click here to access the portal or if you don’t wish to access them right now you can visit the ‘Manage my Policy’ page on our website.

How can I send my documents to you?

The easiest way is to upload files to our document portal which can be found here. Other ways we can accept your documents are; by attaching digital copies to an email and sending them to or by post to office address which can be found on the contact us page of our website.

Am I covered to drive other cars?

To find out whether you are insured to drive other cars on a third party basis you will need to check the wording on your insurance certificate. If you have a commercial vehicle policy you will not have this extension of cover.

Why do you need my logbook (V5)?

This is requested as evidence for occasions where an insurance company have given a discount for owning a vehicle for a certain period of time.

What should I send for proof of address?

Your address is an important factor used by insurers to calculate your premium and some companies will want to see evidence of this. We can accept either a utility bill (e.g. gas/water/electricity bill) or a bank statement provided they are dated within the last 3 months.

I’ve had an accident; what do I do?

Call 01344 286 181 now and speak to one of our dedicated UK-based claims handlers. They will walk you through every step of the claim process to ensure the stress-free outcome that you deserve.